Thursday, 6 October 2011


Lifestyle can be defined as the way or manner in which one lives his or her life, how you carry yourself in your day to day interaction with others, how to maintain you and how you choose to live. A person’s lifestyle is his or her own choice and can depend on many factors like, the peer group, income bracket, surrounding environment, upbringing etc. When we talk about lifestyle we just do not talk about ones outward appearances but also of the person way of behaving with others and person’s way of interacting with others. How a person chooses to live or the lifestyle a person chooses to have is a purely personal choice, one that can only be decided by the person who chooses to live that life style, however a person’s lifestyle choices can be affected by several external factors.
These factors include finances, whether a person can afford to live the lifestyle that he or she chooses to have, can this lifestyle be sustained.
The peer group or friend circle, normally people tend to mimic the lifestyles of their peers of friends, they try to live like others copying their trends and styles.
Surrounding environment, the surrounding environment has a lot to do with the type of lifestyle that we choose to live, in fact it has a direct impact on our choice of lifestyle, a person staying in an up market neighborhood would want to maintain a certain lifestyle so as to not be left out and be considered an outcast.
Upbringing, upbringing plays a very vital role in your choice of a lifestyle, if you have been raised living a certain lifestyle, you get used to these comforts and excesses and automatically choose that lifestyle when you become independent.
A lot of times people try to meet a certain lifestyle goal and try working towards that goal, this can prove detrimental to their financial well being as they may over exceed their finances and wind up in a financial black hole.

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