Thursday, 6 October 2011

Smokey eye makeup

There is no other look that can turn heads more than a sexy smokey eye look. Smokey eye makeup look has been taking the red carpet by storm across the globe with more and more celebrities and young girls jumping on the smokey eye makeup band wagon. We have a lot of hot celebrities who endorse the smokey eye look, Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian sisters are but a few of them.
The best part of smokey eye makeup is that it is easy to apply and allows you to experiment with various colours and shades; you can try the classic black or grey smokey look or go for a more vibrant green, blue, pink or violet look.
Generally smokey eye look can be got using a combination of two or more shades of eye makeup, all you need is to select the shades you want to play around with, decide which is going to be the base shade, and ensure that you have a good quality eye shadow brush to apply the base coat. Once you have applied the base coat properly, it is not time to apply the second shade.
Once this is done using a blending brush you can now blend both eye shadows ensuring that it has a gradual fading towards the outside of the eye. And start blending the other shades. To give a finishing touch to your smokey eye shadow you can line your eyes with a black eye liner and apply mascara to your eyelids.


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